Portfolio: PROJECTS

Over the span of my career I have had gained extensive experience in virtually all aspects of golf course construction and renovation. Whether managing contractors for large scale projects, or working with in-house staff to deliver smaller projects on time and within budget, my knowledge base is vast. I also have had the opportunity to work with two great architects, Tom Fazio and Gil Hanse.  By working with these men on such vaunted courses as I have, it introduced me to the restoration and architecture of golf courses, a passion that I feel augments my abilities as a golf course superintendent.


Included on this page are highlights of some projects I have been associated with at my clubs. It is by no means a comprehensive body of work, rather a small snippet of the projects I have performed.



Complete Irrigation System Installation     -     Wee Burn Country Club

» Complete wall-to-wall, state-of-the-art irrigation system.

» System was installed by Leibold Irrigation and designed by renowned Architect James Barrett.

» System features HDPE pipe that is completely fused.

» Includes over 3,000 Rainbird heads, bunker misters and stream bank irrigation.

» All existing wells were cleaned and re-piped during installation.

Irrigation Pump Station     -     Wee Burn Country Club

» Constructed in the fall of 2011.

» Pump Station was built below ground to reduce visibility from neighboring golf holes.  Fescue grass
   and natural mounding was added to screen building.

» Equipped with advanced water treatment and fertigation capabilities.

» Four 60 HP pumps and one PM pump; the station can provide 2500 GPM.

Stream Bank Re-grassing     -     Wee Burn Country Club

» Over the past 4 years all the stream banks that run through the property have been re-grassed.

» Re-grassing was done to prevent erosion, highlight a unique design aspect of the course, help
   filter runoff of fertilizer and pesticides into the streams.

Driving Range Construction    -     Winged Foot Golf Club

» Re-Built driving range at Winged Foot.

» Re-contoured driving range floor and re-constructed new target greens.

» Installed new drainage and irrigation system.

» Re-sodded entire driving range (4.5 acres).

» Installed new brick tee platform for members.

» Project was completed in less than 3 weeks.

Green Expansions     -     Winged Foot Golf Club

» Worked with both Tom Fazio and Gil Hanse to recapture original A.W. Tillinghast green platforms.

» Expansions were re-sodded with poa annua in order to blend better with existing turfgrass.

» Green irrigation was also re-piped to properly irrigate expanded green.

» During my time as Assistant, I managed project work for 11 green expansions on the East Course.

Tee Reconstruction     -     Winged Foot Golf Club

» Completely re-constructed tee box in photos below.

» Multiple tee’s at Winged Foot were re-built do to under performance.

» Square footage, drainage and irrigation were added to all tee boxes built.

Large-scale Drainage     -     Winged Foot Golf Club

» Managed the installation of a massive drainage project that encompassed 4 golf holes in 2009/2010.

» The project included drainage installation of fairways, rough and bunkers.

» Design of the project was performed by Kelly-Ami.

» It was done in two phases; the first phase is the collector phase and the second phase is the silt drainage.

» The collectors are the main drainage lines of the system.

» The silts are the laterals that bring the water to the main drain lines of the system.

» All pipes installed used a sock lined perforated pipe and backfilled with course sand.

XGD Greens Drainage    -     Winged Foot Golf Club

» Layout of a drainage system on a 6 foot spacings.

» Slit trenching 14-16 inches deep with laser grade control.

» Installation of 2” corrugated plastic pipe.

» Back-filled with a 6-2-2 sand organic USGA mix.

Tree Transplant    -     Winged Foot Golf Club

» Golf hole was closed due to errant golf balls.

» 2 Spruce trees were transplanted from nearby areas on the golf course to block errant shots.

» Hole was re-opened once trees were planted.

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